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About us...

We offer rental of not only fishing boats throughout the Czech Republic. We primarily focus on the Vltava cascade - Slapy and Orlík. Our boats are suitable not only for fishermen, but also for a beautiful holiday spent right on the water. If you want to enjoy a few days of boat trips, camping and see nature from a slightly different perspective, this is the ideal boat. Stable and realy easy to drive.
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Booking procedure and how does it all work?

  • Step 1

    Booking an appointment (by phone / email)
  • Step 2

    Familiarization with the lease agreement and rental conditions
  • Step 3

    Payment of deposit
  • Step 4

    Handing over the boat at a predetermined place by the water
  • Step 5

    Boarding assistance
  • Step 6

    Providing information, anchoring assistance, safety, plus some other information about possible refreshments, etc.
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